Zhong Wuyan


When Zhong Wuyan deals damage, there is a 50% chance that the enemy hero will be petrified for 0.75 seconds. Each enemy hero will only receive the petrification effect once within 8 seconds.

Ability 1

Zhong Wuyan rushes in the specified direction and replaces the next normal attack with a smash. The smash will cause 225/270/315/360/405/450 (+120% physical damage bonus) total physical damage and reduce the enemy's movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Ability 2

Zhong Wuyan charges up, and slams the ground with a sledgehammer, causing 300/380/460/540/620/700 (+145% physical damage bonus) total physical damage to enemies in the area, and causing double that damage to enemies in the center of the area.

Ability 3

Zhong Wuyan raises the sledgehammer and continued to whirl and attack nearby enemies for 3.2 seconds, causing 150/225/300 (+80% physical damage bonus) total physical damage every 0.4 seconds, and an additional 40% damage when the enemy is in the outer circle. During the ultimate, movement speed and shield for yourself can be stacked every 0.4 seconds, and a total of 4 layers can be stacked. Each layer provides 5% movement speed and 35 (+35/Lv) (+10% physical damage) shield. Passive for this skill: Zhong Wuyan summons the power of the earth and generates a continuous geotechnical shield every 3 seconds during her ultimate. The geotechnical shield can offset 150/300/450 (+68% physical damage bonus) in total physical damage.