Yun Ying


Each skill used, Yun Ying will get one layer of passive, there are three layers passive, if used General Attack, will use all layer of passive, and will minus the cooldown for S1 and S2 of a total of 1.25 seconds. The first layer of passive will damage the nearby enemy 4 times, and get a 2 second shield, when using this layer of passive, Yun Ying is able to move. The second layer of passive will stab 3 times in a distance, when hit, Yun Ying will regenerate HP, the more HP lost the better the regeneration will be. The third layer of passive will be a short amount of charge and Yun Ying will jump up to the sky and land a incredible hit to the enemy that’s in a straight line, the more HP lost for the enemy, the higher the damage is. When releasing this layer of passive Yun Ying will gain high movement speed

Ability 1

Yun Ying will Knock the enemy in to the air and chop the enemy down to the ground, causing 2 times of physical damage, When the enemy got hit by the first part of the hit, the enemy will get knocked in to the air, lasting 0.5 seconds

Ability 2

Yun Ying gets a continuous speed bonus, when charging is done or manually ended charging, Yun Ying will dash to the front and sweep the enemy infront, causing physical damage and –30% Movement speed, lasting 1 second. When charging the skill, the player will need to press the skill button continuously, the longer the charge, the higher the speed bonus, the longer the dash, and the higher the damage

Ability 3

Yun Ying charges shortly and dashes in a straight line, damaging the enemy in a straight line. When dashing Yun Ying gets a resistance, when reaching to the end of the dash, Yun Ying quickly hits 4 times, every time causing physical damage, then goes back to the original spot. Knocking the enemy in the path and causing physical damage, during this time Yun Ying gets endure and 10%-50% damage resistance; After first part of skill, the player can use the second part of skill, Yun Ying will sweep in a certain direction, and at the same time leaving a mark at the floor that lasts for 3 seconds, when enemy steps in it, it will damage the enemy in every 0.2 seconds of magical damage. At the first part of the skill, when enemy is close to Yun Ying, the enemy will get knocked back by the dash