Yuange's puppet will inherit all the equipment bonus from Yuange (except for resurrection, magic shield from Witch's Cloak, and the invincibility from Destiny) effects and some buff effects. The puppet’s basic attack will deal 0~195 (+100% physical bonus) physical damage, the basic attack damage of the puppet will grow with Yuange's 1st ability level; the gold, experience, and some buff effects will be shared with Yuange. If the puppet is destroyed, Yuange will not be able to summon the puppet again for 25 seconds; it will also expose the position of Yuange and cause stuns him for two seconds; each time the puppet returns to Yuange, he will clear all control effects on him and gain a 40% increase in movement speed for 1 second and a shield that can absorb 200 (+62% physical bonus) physical/magical damage.

Ability 1

Yuange summons the puppet in the specified direction, inflicting 300/360/420/480 (+125% physical bonus) physical damage and knock-up effect on the enemy on the path, and starts to control the puppet. The puppet will disguise as an enemy hero until it attacks or is attacked; Yuange will automatically do basic attacks when the puppet is within 900 range of Yuange; the puppet will automatically be destroyed after 5 seconds after going over 2500 range away from Yuange; once the puppet dies or is crowd controlled, it will immediately return to Yuange; Puppet Form: Immediately returns to Yuange, causing 300/360/420/480 (+125% physical bonus) physical damage and knocks up enemies along the path.

Ability 2

Yuange throws 4 hidden weapons in the designated direction after a short delay, causing 420/520/620/720 (+210% physical bonus) physical damage to enemies along the path. The hidden weapons can hit multiple enemies consecutively, but the damage will be reduced by 70% reduction. Puppet Form: Swaps the position of the puppet and with Yuange. If the distance between the puppet and the body is greater than 900 range, then the puppet will only move to a position 900 range from Yuange and deal 300/360/420/480 to the enemies on the path (+125% physical bonus) physical damage; when using his 3rd ability on the 2nd stage, this ability will pull Yuange to the puppet and transfer control to him.

Ability 3

Yuange throws out 2 silk threads and pulls it back. Each silk thread inflicts 250/295/340/385 (+100% physical bonus) physical damage on the hit target. Units hit by the two silk threads will receive addtional 16% damage based on their lost health and will be slowed by 50% for 2 seconds. Puppet Form: The puppet deals 300/360/420/480 (+125% physical bonus) physical damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed by 200/300/400 /500 points for 2 seconds. The 2nd stage can be used within 3 seconds after the 1st stage is released. The puppet enters a restrained state. After a short delay, it will continuously stun the enemy units within range and deal 100 (+50% physical bonus) magical damage.

Ability 4

Yuange disappears immediately to the specified direction to clear crowd control effects on him and reappears after a short delay. Puppet Form: the puppet charges in the specified direction, dealing 100% physical bonus damage to the enemies along the path. When using this ability during his 3rd ability's 2nd stage, this skill will immediately transfer control to Yuange.