Sikong Zhen


Sikong Zhen's Autoattacks deals Magic Damage. Standing near an enemy causes Sikong Zhen to swap from ranged attacks to melee attacks, increasing his Attack Speed. Each Autoattack gives 1 stack of Divine Lightning up to a maximum of 6 stacks. When Divine Lightning reaches maximum stacks it gains one more chance to release skill. After releasing skill, gains enhanced autoattack and deal big AoE Magic Damage to enemies within range. Sikong Zhen will gain shield when hitting with enhanced Autoattack with melee attacks.

Ability 1

Sikong Zhen transforms into lightning and sprints forward dealing Magic Damage to the enemies along the path.

Ability 2

Sikong Zhen releases a strike of lightning, exploding once it hits a unit or reaches its maximum range causing Knockback and Magic Damage. The units closest to Sikong Zhen gets knocked back the furthest.

Ability 3

Sikong Zhen rises into air to transform into the Lightning King for 1.5 seconds. While transforming, Sikong Zhen gains CC immunity, increased Movement Speed, the ability to walk through terrain, and 5 lightning drums attack nearby enemies. Every lightning drum deals Magic Damage and gives Sikon Zhen 1 stack of Divine Lightning and shield. When landing, deal Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The transformation lasts for 10 seconds causes Sikong Zhen's Autoattacks to give 2 stacks of Divine Lightning, ranged Autoattacks will generate a lightning chain that bounces between multiple enemies dealing Magic Damage. The range of enhanced Autoattacks are increased.