Sang Qi


In addition to the damage dealt by melee, Sang Qi's general attack will summon an additional firefly to attack the enemy. fireflies summoned by all of Sang Qi's abilities deal the same magic damage to enemies and make them appear for 3 seconds, restoring the same health to friendly heroes. when there are no enemies around Sang Qi, attacks will summon fireflies to restore health to the friendly hero with the lowest health around. when Sang Qi has no units around him and is in the middle of the battle, the general attack will be converted into a charge, which will slowly restore his own health.

Ability 1

Sang Qi channels the power of the fireflies, which after a short delay, deals magic damage and 1 second to enemies in the specified direction, restoring health to friendly heroes within range. the 1 skill enhanced by [firefly power] will burst into more powerful forces, will summon fireflies to fly to the target with the lowest amount of health of the hit hero (including enemy heroes and friendly heroes), fly up to 5 fireflies for a hero, when the hit hero has enemies and friendly troops, the fireflies will be divided equally, and the [firefly power] will consume the corresponding number of stacks after the fireflies fly out. [firefly power]: Sang Qi gets a firefly every 1.5 seconds, up to 9 stacks.

Ability 2

Sang Qi flies towards the selected grass, the cloak is puffed up, and fireflies are sprinkled along the way, and sang qi will get 1 stack of [firefly power] for each flight. fireflies deal damage to enemy heroes after 1 second and reveals them for 3 seconds, or restore life to friendly heroes. ability can be recharged 3 times.

Ability 3

Sang Qi summons [grass of light], and within 6 seconds can release the second stage, fly to the summoned grass and obtain 1 stack of [firefly power]. grass of light: fireflies will be fired at up to 5 heroes every 1 second, each of which will deal damage or heal friends. enemy units entering the grass of light will expose their field of vision.