Each level of Nuwa's abilities increases her vision range by 2% (up to 42%), and at the same time increases the range of her basic attack and ability (up to 28%); Enemy heroes hit by Nuwa's abilities will be marked, making allies' (and yourself) basic attack and ability damage caused to the marked target will directly increase the movement speed and health regeneration of allies by 16% (total can be restored by 40 (+12% magical bonus) health points).

Ability 1

Nuwa releases energy in the specified direction, causing 280/325/370/415 (+30% magical bonus) magical damage and knockback effects to enemies on the path. After hitting the enemy, it gradually stops and expands into a cross shape array, causing 250/290/330/370 (+36% magical bonus) magical damage to enemies hit; the center of the cross array will cause double damage.

Ability 2

Nuwa creates a space matrix at the designated location to prevent enemy units from passing through; the created space will disappear after 3 seconds. If the space disappears or Nuwa's other skills touch the space matrix, it will cause an explosion to occur and cause 540/610/680/750 (+65% magical bonus) points of magical damage to nearby enemies. the explosion damage range is 535*535. For every 100 points of magical attack, Nuwa will extend the duration of the space matrix by 0.2 seconds.

Ability 3

Nuwa creates a rift and transports herself and an ally to a designated location after a short chant, and causes 500/560/620/680 (+65% magical bonus) magical damage to surrounding enemies and stuns them for a short time when arriving. Skill Passive: When Nuwa receives damage from enemy heroes, she will trigger the automatic defense mechanism, causing 50% slowdown on nearby enemies, and generating a shield that can absorb 400/480/560/640 (+80% magical bonus) damage and increasing movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds

Ability 4

After a short delay, Nuwa releases a blast of energy in the specified direction, causing 700/1050/1400 (+88% magical bonus) magical damage to enemies on the path.