Meng Ya


Meng Ya is proficient with machine weapons, and every time his attack speed is increased by 5%, his cooldown reduction is increased by 1%. When a basic attack hits an enemy, it will increase his rage points by 5 (increased by 10 points for critical hits). When the rage meter reaches its maximum value, Meng Ya will become Trigger-Happy. If you can't fill the rage meter continuously, then rage meter will continue to decay. When in Trigger-Happy mode, Meng Ya will strengthen all his abilities, and reduce the cooldown time of his 1st and 2nd ability by 50%, and restore 0~3 (+1% physical bonus) points of health (increases with hero level) points for every extra point of rage.

Ability 1

Meng Ya will continuously shoot the target (requires holding the ability, damage can be critical) for 5 seconds in a straight line, each bullet causes 6/19/32/45/58/71 (+33% physical bonus) physical damage, other abilities and movement can be done when strafing, but the movement speed will be reduced by 50 points. After casting the ability, it enters the cooldown state. Each time Meng Ya hit an enemy, he will increase his rage value by 5 points, and he will increase it by 10 points if it's a critical hit. Trigger-Happy mode: the bullets will have an armor pierce effect, causing 50% damage to enemies behind.

Ability 2

Meng Ya fires a heavy bullet in the specified direction, dealing 150/165/180/195/210/225 (+25% physical bonus) physical damage to the enemy it touches and slows them for 2 seconds; when the heavy bullet touches an enemy, hits the terrain, or flies to the farthest distance, it will explode and split into 5 small bullets. The small bullets can bounce between the terrain and deal 300/330/360/390/420/450 (+50% physical bonus) physical damage to the first enemy hit, and increase his rage value by 5 points. When a single target is hit by multiple bullets within 1 second, the damage is reduced to 25%. Trigger-Happy mode: the number of small bullets is increased to 9.

Ability 3

Meng Ya starts to scan the surrounding environment (press and release, the scan range is continuously expanded, and the scan time is up to 3 seconds, Meng Ya increases his movement speed by 50% during the scan). When enemies within the scan range are damaged by teammates, the target location will be marked (the entire scan process can mark up to 5 locations). After the scan is over, a missile will be launched towards the marked location. When the missile hits the ground, it will cause 350/425/500 (+100% physical bonus) physical damage to the hit enemy (subsequent hits to the same target attenuation by 50%) and increase 10 points of rage value. After the scan is completed, Meng Ya will continue to launch missiles for 8 seconds, launching at most 1 missile per second (when cancelled, the cooldown time will be reduced by 50%). Trigger-Happy mode: The minimum interval for the launching of subsequent missiles is reduced to 0.5 seconds per missile.