Lu Bu


Lu Bu has a bigger attack range than any other close combat hero. When his halberd is enchanted, his basic attacks will deal +100% physical bonus True Damage and restore 1% (+25% physical bonus) of his lost Health per hit. If he misses his 1st ability, he will lose his enchanted state.

Ability 1

Lu Bu winds up his halberd then sweeps it infront of him, dealing 650/780/910/1040/1170/1300 (+190% physical bonus) Physical Damage. If an enemy is hit, his halberd will be enchanted and will deal 650/780/910/1040/1170/1300 (+190% physical bonus) True Damage instead and every enemy that is hit will heal Lu Bu 4% (+50% physical bonus) of his lost Health.

Ability 2

Lu Bu captures the souls of enemies within the specified direction, dealing 80 (+35% physical bonus) Physical Damage. Every soul captured will gain Lu Bu a shield that can absorb 1050/1470/1890/2310/2730/3150 Physical/Magical Damage, stacking up to 3 times. Lu Bu's shield will be converted into HP over time, 25% of the current shield is converted every second, and every 2 points of shield will be converted into 1 point of HP.

Ability 3

Lu Bu descends from the sky at the designated location. When landing, he will mark the area and knock the enemies within range into the air for 1 second. After landing, Lu Bu will do a spin sweep that causes 400/650/900 (+250% physical bonus) Physical Damage; enemies touching the edge of the range will receive 150/200/250 (+87% physical bonus) Physical Damage and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds; when an enemy hero touches edge, Lu Bu will also restores 4% (+50% physical bonus) points of lost Health; if Lu Bu’s sweep hits a hero, he will enchant his own weapon, and the missed heroes will not make Lu Bu lose the original enchantment status if he descends while enchanted