Lian Po


Lian Po will be in a cc immunity state while releasing his skills. After entering the battle, Lian Po's fighting intent will gradually increase and decrease after exiting battle. The higher the fighting intent, the more the damage reduction, and there is a limit to the damage reduction. When the fighting spirit is full, Lian Po’s attack speed increases.

Ability 1

Lian Po launched a charge in the designated direction, causing damage to the enemy and knocking it into the air. Skill Passive: When Lian Po uses the basic attack continuously, the third basic attack will become a straight punch, causing additional damage to the enemy and reducing the cooldown of 1st ability.

Ability 2

Lian Po becomes mad and violent obtaining a shield, and transmits power to the ground through his arm armor, slowing nearby enemies, and non-hero units would gradually sink to the center of the area. After 1 second, the ground will crack and cause high damage to enemies in the area. The closer you are to the center, the higher the damage. If there are enemy units within the area, the cooldown of 1st ability will reset.

Ability 3

Lian Po jumps to the designated area and hammers the ground three times in a row. The first and second hammer would cause slowing effect, and the third hammer would knock enemies within the range into flight. The damage of each hammer blow increases. Lian Po can use 1st ability during the first and second hammer.