Li Yuanfang


Yuan fang’s big ears can help him periodically listen to the surrounding movements, gain and capture the trail of enemy heroes, gain the enemy’s vision for 1 second, and take effect once for 6 seconds on the same unit.

Ability 1

Yuan Fang uses a dark seal to mark the enemy for a maximum of 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, it will explode causing 100/137/174/211/248/285 (+65% physical bonus) physical damage to the enemy within the range. Yuan Fang's Normal attacks on the target can stack up to 4 layers of dark marks, each layer of imprint will cause an additional 100/137/174/211/248/285 (+65% physical bonus) physical damage, stacking up to 4 layers Will immediately detonate the Dark Seal; Yuanfang will increase his attack speed by 40% and attack range by 75 points for 4 seconds when he releases this skill.

Ability 2

Yuan Fang throws a flying wheel in the designated direction, and at the same time casts his ghost body technique to catch the flywheel at the end point. Yuanfang can not be selected by enemy when moving. The flywheel will cause 200/220/240/260/280/300 (+50%) to the enemy Physical bonus) physical damage and 50% reduction in movement speed for 2 seconds; the ground he passed by leaves a burn mark for 2.9 seconds, causing 80/88/96/104/112/120 to enemies on the path every 0.25 seconds (+20% physical bonus) physical damage and 50% reduction in movement speed.

Ability 3

Yuan Fang throws his flying wheel to the designated position, it spins and winds up the blade storm. The blade hits the target and causes 215/275/335 (+75% physical bonus) physical damage for 5.4 seconds, enemies within the range will be damaged by 75/93/111 (+30% physical bonus)points of physical damage every 0.5 seconds, and 50% reduction of movement speed, the inner circle will suffer double the damage; the blade damage can also stack on the number of dark seal layers.