Li Bai


When Li Bai uses basic attacks to attack the enemy, he will accumulate 1 stack of sword qi for 3 seconds; after accumulating 4 stacks of sword qi, he will enter the state of transcendence, increasing physical attack by 30 points and lifts the seal of his Lotus Sword Song (ultimate) for 5 seconds; attacking buildings will not accumulate sword qi.

Ability 1

Li Bai rushes in the specified direction twice, causing 300/350/400/450/500/550 (+110% physical bonus) physical damage to enemies on the path and causing stuns for 0.5 seconds and add 1 stack of sword qi per stack; the third release will return to the original place; Each ability release interval cannot exceed 5 seconds.

Ability 2

Li Bai uses himself as the center point and summons the Lotus Sword Formation, causing 210/246/282/318/354/390 (+75% physical bonus) physical damage to enemies in the range; enemies that touch the sword formation edge will receive 350 (+125% physical bonus) physical damage and 90% reduction in movement speed for 1 second; at the same time, enemies' physical defense will be reduced by 100/175/250/325/400/475 for 3 seconds. Li Bai will be invunerable to all skills and attacks when using this ability.

Ability 3

Li Bai becomes one with his sword, slashing all enemies in the specified direction quickly for 5 times. Each slash causes 200/250/300 (+50% physical bonus) physical damage; when attacking multiple enemies at the same time, each additional enemy hero will reduce the damage by 15%, down to a minimum of 70% of the initial damage; Lotus Sword Song can only be released after the restriction is lifted by transcending (gaining 4 stacks of sword qi), and enters the restricted state immediately after use; Li Bai is invunerable to all skills and attacks during the skill.