Lanling Wang


When Lanling Wang is following enemy heroes, his Movement Speed will increase by 20%.

Ability 1

Lanling Wang strikes with his fist blade, dealing 215/260/305/350/395/440 (+85% physical bonus) Physical Damage towards his enemies. At the same time, a phantom will appear and strike the enemy again dealing the same damage as Lanling Wang.

Ability 2

Lanling Wang throws a dagger, dealing 165/186/207/228/249/270 (+57% physical bonus) Physical Damage to enemies that are hit and slowing their Movement Speed by 90% for 2 seconds. If the dagger hits an enemy, they will be marked for 3 seconds. If Lanling Wang manages to hit an enemy that is marked within the 3 seconds, the said enemy will be stunned for 1 second and Lanling will heal 140/168/196/224/252/280 (+60% physical bonus) of Health. When the mark disappears on enemies, it will deal 24% Physical Damage based on their current Health.

Ability 3

Lanling Wang strikes at a specified direction, dealing 660/830/1000 (+188% physical bonus) Physical Damage.

Ability 4

Lanling Wang turns invisible after preparing 1.5 seconds to turn, lasting 30 seconds. He gains an additional 50% Attack Speed after exiting invisible mode. If enemies are aware of Lanling Wang's presence for more than 3 seconds (exclamation markers above the enemies' head), he will be forced out of invisibility.