When an enemy's health is below 30%, Lan will consider them as "prey", Lan's basic attack and skills will deal an additional 10% True Damage against "prey".

Ability 1

Lan dives into the water, turning into a shark, and gaining additional 150 Movement Speed. Shark mode lasts for 3 seconds while not in the river and will reduce the ability cooldown by half, but shark mode duration becomes unlimited when in the river. Use the 1st ability again to strike enemies from below, dealing 300 (+120% physical bonus) Physical Damage to enemies and slowing them by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Skill Passive: When Lan is near "prey" in shark mode, he will gain an additional 450 Movement Speed.

Ability 2

Lan spins his swords around 2 times, dealing 220 (+45% physical bonus) Physical Damage to the enemies that are hit. Lan also gains a "mark" for each enemy that got hit, maximum of 3 marks. The marks empower his next basic attacks depending on how many marks he has, each enhanced basic attack consumes 1 mark. The enhanced basic attacks also heal him by 100(+ 40% physical bonus) Health per hit, minions and jungle monsters will only heal him by 30% of the original amount. Each enhanced basic attack hit reduces the 2nd ability's cooldown by 1 second. Shark Mode: Leaps out while spinning in a setted direction, also reduces the cooldown by 1 second.

Ability 3

Lan throws his dagger infront of an enemy, stunning them. After a delay, Lan will turn into a shark that pushed enemies infront of him forward dealing 600(+200% physical bonus) Physical Damage. Shark Mode: Does not throw his dagger and instantly turns into a shark, reduces the cooldown of 1st ability by 1 second.