Jin Chan


Any Damage taken that inflicts more than 6% of Jin Chan's maximum health will be reduced by 35% This passive will be shared to nearby allies when Jin Chan uses his Ultimate.

Ability 1

Jin Chan throws a hoop to trap the first hit target for 3 seconds and causes 200 (+400% spell attack) magic damage to nearby enemies. The hoop will follow the target at a fixed speed and gain vision. The target cannot leave the hoop. scope. During Jin Chan's ulti: Causes an additional 50% slowdown to the target

Ability 2

Jin Chan forms a magic circle around the target enemy and deals damage. Every time the magic circle hits an enemy it will cause extra damage. The magic circle will automatically follow the targetted enemy, and nearby minions and monsters will be pulled towards it. During Jin Chan's ulti: the magic circle will hit enemies inside it at a higher frequency.

Ability 3

During his ultimate, Jin Chan's basic attacks and abilities will put a debuff stack on the enemy, up to a maximum of 10 stacks. When the ultimate closes; all the stacks will be consumed and deal damage to the enemy (8% extra damage per stack).