Gongsun Li


When Gong Sun Li uses basic attacks on a target, a Mark Of Maple will be stacked, and an explosion will be triggered every four layers of the mark (and a new mark will be stacked), causing 200 (+60% physical bonus) spell damage to surrounding enemies; after releasing skills or retracting the paper umbrella, Gong Sun Li’s normal attack will throw an additional dart to cause 30% physical bonus points of physical damage; Gong Sun Li can use the skills again after releasing the skill to return to the position of the paper umbrella; when Gong Sun Li has no paper in her hand , her movement speed is increased by 50 points and the base attack interval is reduced by 20%.

Ability 1

Gong Sun Li walks in the designated direction and leaves the paper umbrella in place (if the paper umbrella is in Gong Sun Li's hand).

Ability 2

Gong Sun Li twirls and controls the paper umbrella to rotate around her (if the paper umbrella is in Gong Sun Li's hand), bringing down the projectiles(flying skills of enemy) will cause two segments of damage to the enemies in the range, each causing 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+65% physical bonus) Spell damage.

Ability 3

Gong Sun Li knocks back the enemy in front of her, causing 250/375/500 (+80% physical bonus) points of magic damage, and throws the paper umbrella in the specified direction (if the paper umbrella is in Gong Sun Li's hand)