Genghis Khan


When Genghis Khan is inside a bush he will increase his movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. At the same time, his next basicattack will be changed to two consecutive shots, each arrow inflicts 0 (+60% physical bonus) physical damage; two consecutive shots have cooldown time of 4 seconds. Killing any unit will also grant him a movement speed bonus; when Genghis Khan is in a bush, the damage to jungle monsters is increased by 30%

Ability 1

Genghis Khan sends the falcon to scout, illuminating the surrounding area and obtains the vision of enemies in it for 5 seconds; the falcon will also fly in the designated direction to obtain the vision of the area along the way; every 16 seconds, 1 falcon can be prepared, can have up to 2 falcons. Skill Passive: The fourth basic attack on the same target will deal an additional 270/312/354/396/438/480 (+45% physical bonus) physical damage, increasing damage dealth to jungle monsters by 100%, and increase his movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds.

Ability 2

Genghis Khan throws a landmine at the specified area that lasts for 120 seconds. Enemies that step on the landmine will be slowed by 30% and will reveal their position to Genghis Khan, after a short delay, the landmine will explode and deal 360/432/504/576/648/720 (+120% physical bonus) physical damage. A landmine can be prepared every 12 seconds and a maximum of 3 landmines can be stored. Untriggered landmines become invisible after 2 seconds when landed.

Ability 3

Genghis Khan fires a strong arrow while moving, dealing 120/160/200 (+100% physical bonus) physical damage per arrow. The arrows fully benefits from item stats like critical rate and lifesteal, an arrow can be prepared every 5 seconds, and up to a maximum of 5 arrows can be stored.