Gao Jianli


Every third attack (abilities also count as attacks) Gao Jianli plays a note dealing up to 380+(80% Magic Attack) extra Magic Damage.

Ability 1

Gao Jianli plays two notes locking onto 2 nearby enemies dealing up to 650(+47% Magic Attack) Magic Damage. The notes can bounce to nearby enemies an additional two times, dealing 30% of the original damage.

Ability 2

Gao Jianli plays a note dealing up to 800+(65% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to nearby enemies, also reducing their movement speed by up to 60% for 2 seconds. Each hero hit will restore Gao Jianli's health by up to 200+(16% Magic Attack) health.

Ability 3

Gao Jianli does a performance for 5 seconds, dealing up to 350(+20% Magic Attack) Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy more than once decreases the damage by 15%, and hitting several enemies also slightly decreases the damage (by 5% per enemy). At the beginning of the performance Gao Jianli gains 70% Movement Speed, but it gradually decreases as the performance goes on.