When Fei is on the wall, he will obtain a slightly wider vision, he would also gain an additional 100 movement speed. When a normal attack hits, Fei would regenerate 5 points of energy.

Ability 1

Fei throws his dagger out, the dagger will return to Fei after it reaches the end. The dagger would deal 250 (+40% physical dmg bonus) physical dmg to enemies along the path.\n\nWhen Fei is on the wall: Fei jumps down the wall towards a designated direction, dealing damage to enemy along the path and increasing Fei's attack speed by 75%. Fei would also gain 2 charged attack, when used, the charged attack would deal physical damage to opponent and heals Fei in the process. After Fei jumps down from the wall, he would also activate the 2nd stage of the skill which would knock enemies up for 0.75s, dealing physical damage in the process.

Ability 2

Fei leaps onto a specific wall. When on a wall, this skill may be used multiple times to jump from one wall to another. Every additional time this skill is used, the cooldown of this skill would be increase accordingly when Fei get back to the ground, the cooldown of this skill can only be increased to a maximum of 20s.

Ability 3

Fei slashes his dagger in a semi-circle in front of him, dealing 300 (+60% physical dmg bonus) physical dmg, all enemies hit would be marked in the process. After using the skill, 2nd stage of the skill would be activated. When the 2nd stage of the skill is used, Fei would shatter the mark on enemies, slashing the enemies 4 times in the process. The first three slashes would deal 50 (+25% physical dmg bonus) of physical dmg, healing himself with 25 (+10% physical dmg bonus) HP. The fourth slash would deal 150 (+60% physical dmg bonus) physical dmg, obtaining the vision of enemy while healing himself with 50 (+20% physical dmg bonus) HP. If Fei has lesser hp when the 2nd stage of skill is used, he would the skill would heal him more, which has a maximum of 2 times of base healing. When the enemies shattered by the 2nd stage of this skill have 12% or lesser max hp before receiving the last slash, the enemy is guaranteed to die when receiving the last slash. If an opposing side hero is killed during the duration of the 2nd stage of this skill, the cooldown of Fei's 2nd skill would be reduced by 50% and giving himself 100 energy.\n\nWhen Fei is on the wall: Fei would slash his dagger in a circle around him instead of in a semicircle, all effect would be same as the skill when it is casted on the ground.