Baili Xuance


Xuance's hook and sickle attacks while in regular attack range will cause 80% of physical damage, while attacking at the end of the attacking range will cause an additional 40% of physical damage. When the far end of the hook hits an enemy, their movement speed will be reduced, and Xuance will gain a short movement speed increase, this effect is affected by the level of his 1st ability

Ability 1

Xuance dashes quckly and increase his physical attack stat by 50 points. When his hook and sickle is hooked on to an enemy with his 2nd ability, using this ability will pull the target hooked for a short distance in the direction of Xuance's movement; when the far end of the hook hits the enemy, it will reduce the enemy's movement speed by 10/14/18/22/26/30% and increase his own movement speed by 10/14/18/22/26/30% for 1 second

Ability 2

Xuance spins hook and sickle. After accumulating the momentum, the hook and sickle is thrown out in the specified direction, causing short-term hold control on enemies on the path and causing 300/340/380/420/460/500 (+140% physical bonus) physical damage; The hook and sickle will bind the first target hit during the returning process, and at the same time apply a hunted effect to the bound target; if the skill is released again after binding the target, Xuance will throw the target behind and lose the hunting effect; The longer the spin, the farther the hook and sickle can fly, and the spinning lasts for up to 4 seconds; when Xuance is spinning his hook and sickle, he will increase his movement speed by 30%; canceling the spin will reduce the cooldown of this ability by 50%; Xuance attacks against the hunted target will increase by 10% and reduces the damage taken from the target by 20/22/24/26/28/30%; if the hunted target dies, 80% of the cooldown time will be returned immediately.

Ability 3

Xuance dashes behind the opponent along the hook and sickle chain, causing 380/570/760 (+200% additional physical bonus) physical damage to enemies on the path; during the dash, Xuance will reduce his damage taken by 50%; this ability can only be used when the hook and sickle is hooked on to a target with his 2nd ability. Skill Passive: When Xuance kills an enemy hero, he will increase his movement speed by 70% (the effect decreases with time) and attack speed by 75% for 5 seconds, the effects are halved if it's an assist.