Arthur (Yase)


Arthur will recover 2% of his Maximum Health every 2 seconds.

Ability 1

Arthur increased his Movement Speed by 60%, enhancing his next basic attack. His enhanced basic attack will deal 180/205/230/255/280/305 (+100% physical bonus) Physical Damage to enemies and silence them for 1 second, additionally they will be marked. Arthur will deal Magical Damage that equals to 1% Maximum Health of mark enemies, teammates near the marked enemy will have their Movement Speed increased by 10%.

Ability 2

Arthur summons 3 shields that circle around him, enemies that are struck by the shield will receive 145/163/181/199/217/235 (+80% physical bonus) Physical Damage. Shields last for 5 seconds.

Ability 3

Arthur strikes his sword down towards as target, dealing 12/16/20% Magical Damage based on the target's Maximum Health and knocking them up for 0.5 seconds. The strike will leave an insignia on the ground, any enemies who step on it will receive 85/105/125 Magical Damage per second.