Ailin (Irene)

Elf Dance Steps

Ailin's Basic Attacks deals Magic Attack and charges Ailin's Energy. When her Energy is full, it greatly increases her Movement Speed and her Basic Attack becomes enhanced, penetrating enemies (the attack goes through them and can hit more enemies) until her Energy is empty again. Every 100 points of Magic Attack gives Ailin 1% Critical Rate.

Leaf Dance

Ailin shoots a projectile that explodes when it hits an enemy or has flown its maximum distance. It causes Magic Damage and Slows anyone within explosion range by 50%

Spinning Dance

Ailin regains full energy and 2 Laurel Marks. She also gain Immunity to Slows and her Attack Speed increases, both for 3 seconds.

Laurel Dance

Every time Irene has full energy she gains 1 Laurel Mark. Each Laurel Mark adds 3 charges to Laurel Dance. When Laurel Dance is activated it will continually consume charges until you have none left or until you cancel the ability. During Laurel Dance Irene's Movement Speed is increased by 10% and for each consumed charge she will shoot a projectile dealing Magic Damage to a nearest enemy.