Glory Power (荣耀战力)

What is Glory Power?

Every time you play a game of ranked or summit you will either gain or lose Glory Power (depending on if you win or lose the game) for the hero you played that match. Glory Power are used to compare you to other players and if you are in the top 100 in your district/city/province/all of China you will get a bronze/silver/gold/emerald badge for that hero. You need to have a location set in the game in order to receive this badge. If you have one, the badge will be shown on the match loading screen, on the match end result screen, and if anyone enters your profile they can will be able to see what heroes you have badges for. In game this score is called 荣耀战力 (rongyao zhanli) and it's usually just referred to as zhanli by most people.
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How is Glory Power calculated?

Glory Power is calculated using 5 different statistics: Qualifying wins, Ranking Performance, Summit Performance, Summit Coefficient and Activity Coefficient.

Qualifying wins

This stat can give you maximum 3000 points. Whenever you win with your hero you will gain some points. You cannot lose points in this category. To reach 3000 you will need to have won enough games at masters 0 star or higher.

Ranking Performance

This stat can give you maximum 2500 points. In contrast to qualifying wins it's actually possible to lose points in this stat. You gain and lose points when you play ranked mode, the amount of points won/lost depends on your score in the match and if you won or not. To reach 2500 you need to be challenger (50 stars) or above. If you are an average player (50% winrate, average score), you will generally only get to about 75% of the max score for your rank.
Rank Maximum Score
Bronze 200
Silver 300
Platinum 500
Diamond 750
Obsidian 1000
Master 1250
Master 10 stars 1500
Master 20 stars 1750
Master 30 stars 2000
Master 40 stars 2250
Challenger 50 stars 2500

Summit Performance

This stat can give you a maximum of 7500 points, it works very similar to ranking performance, the only difference being that you win or lose points when playing summit mode.
Summit rating Maximum Score
1200 200
1300 400
1400 600
1500 900
1600 1200
1700 1600
1800 2000
1900 2500
2000 3000
2100 3600
2200 4200
2300 4800
2400 5400
2500 6100
2600 6800
2700 7500

Summit Coefficient

Depending on what your summit rating is, this stat will raise your total score by a certain percentage. For every 100 rating above 1200 you will gain 5% (1300 gives 5%, 1400 gives 10% and so on). So if you have 5000 points and your summit rating is 1600, you will gain 20% on top of your 5000 points, making it 6000 points. The formula for this coefficient is: summit coefficient = ((summit rating-1200)/20)*1%

Activity Coefficient

Your activity coefficient starts out at 100% and can only decrease. For every week you don't play a hero, your activity coefficient will decrease. The first week it will decrease by 5%, second week 10%, third week 15% and fourth week 20%. Playing a qualifying (ranked or summit) match recovers 10%, if you are the MVP you gain an additional 10%. Your total points are multiplied by your activity coefficient (100% = 1). In other words; if your coefficient is 50%, half of your points are taken away.

Final formula

Glory Power = (Qualifying wins + Ranking Performance + Summit Performance)*(1+Summit Coefficient)*Activity Coefficient
glory points calculation